Why Work at AFC?

Real Career Growth and Opportunity


Awesome Work Community

  • Golden Rule

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • We take care of each other – treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • You’re more than “just an employee” here – each person is highly valued.
  • Leadership (including the owners of this company) is approachable, engaged, and genuinely cares about you.
  • Your ideas matter and leadership wants to hear from you.
  • We hold frequent company gatherings to build relationships, recognize associates, and have fun.
  • There are ongoing community service opportunities to make a real impact in our city.

Great Pay and Benefits

  • Competitive wages and legitimate bonus programs that actually pay out for strong individual and team performance
  • Excellent medical, vision, and dental insurance
  • Free company-paid life insurance, short, and long-term disability coverage
  • Generous paid time off benefit plus an additional seven federal holidays
  • 401(k) retirement plan with an additional 4% company match available
  • A unique tool program that ensures that you have appropriate tools and tool organizer

Real Career and Growth Opportunities

  • We’re a healthy, growing company that rewards those who are living out our values and delivering value.
  • Our managers are interested in your personal goals and long-term career.
  • Training and development opportunities are available in many areas, including technical apprenticeship programs and official certifications.
  • Tuition reimbursement is also available if you decide to further your education; we support and encourage learning new skills and ongoing leadership development.


Our way of life

Golden Rule

We treat people the way
we want to be treated

Respecting the Golden Rule is a good way for all of us to go through life.


We do the right thing
- especially when no one is looking

Trust and integrity aren’t added bonuses — they’re the essence of who we are.


We ask for help
when we need it

Life isn’t a solo effort . . . we’re all in this together. That means we give our employees the freedom to lean on each other and ask for help when needed. In fact, we require it.


We will make sure you have the tools and tool organizer needed to do your job


Our Company match is up to 4%


Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, Life Insurance & Tuition Reimbursement and more!


Find a CAREER, not just a job

What makes an awesome work community?

We work hard to cultivate a work community where associates get to know one another.

We do this through:

  • Regular associate meetings
  • Work projects at Axiom owned properties where associates from across the organization work together
  • Annual awards and team competition gathering
  • Leadership interested in the ideas and professional aspirations of associates

Our motto is “fine people serving fine people” and this is a key determinate for becoming and remaining an associate at our company. To be here we need to treat fellow associates, customers, residents and vendors as fine people!

We’re Involved Beyond Work

We always seek to properly steward the resources we’ve been given and firmly believe in returning it back to our community as much as possible. Axiom has proudly partnered with Veterans Community Project (VCP) where associates are able to assist veterans in meeting basic food, clothing, and hygiene needs.

We incorporate quarterly the opportunity for associates to provide supplies to the VCP and will occasionly have a volunteer project on a Saturday.

Veterans Community Project focuses on those who took the oath to serve America and offers housing and walk-in support services. They refuse to let any veterans fall through the cracks.


 Axiom Equities is a strategic real estate firm dedicated to growing and preserving wealth through the purchase of high-quality, income-producing properties. Axiom Equities focuses on providing individuals with co-investment opportunities in cash-flowing apartment complexes. Established in 2007, founders John Emanuels and Ben Kalny assist partner Richard Stone in the running of the company’s daily operations.


Axiom Property Management (APM) maximizes the operational and financial performance of Axiom Equities’ real estate portfolio. Founded in 2013, preserving the value of the real estate is the most important part of our service to our shareholders. Combined with dedicated professionals at each location, our expectation is that our residents are served well and feel right at home.


At Swyft Property Care, we understand that the manner in which a property is cared for is a reflection on both Swyft as well as the customer. We take this seriously. By leveraging the latest products, equipment, and technologies, and leaning on skilled technicians, the Swyft methodology of continual improvement brings ongoing benefit to valued customers year after year. Whether it be HVAC, Maintenance, or Lawncare, Swyft has the resources and expertise you need to care for your property.


Real Career Growth and Opportunity